Industrial Steel Roller Shutters

  • galvanised steel roller shutter
  • Industrial Steel Roller Shutters
  • Industrial Steel Roller Shutters
  • Steel industrial roller shutter
  • Galvanised Steel Laths

General Info

Our range of Industrial Steel Roller Shutters are used in a diverse range of applications, with a size range from 1.0m wide up to 7.0m wide and 1.8m high to 7.0m high.

Size, Style, Finish and Operation permutations are vast so we are confident we can tailor our product to suit just about any application. We manufacture these products at our main base near Cambridge, where our Sister company has been producing Roller Shutters for some time. There are 20 year old examples of our design still in existence and in everyday use.

All counter-balanced sprung Roller Shutters feature our unique S.M.S. anti drop Safetybrake, the safety product on which our company was originally founded.


Rolling Gear

Steel Roller barrel of a diameter suitable for the size of the proposed Roller Shutter. Helical Counter Balance springs are contained within the roller barrel, directly connected to the Spring Monitoring Anti Drop Device via the support shaft. The whole system is mounted on heavy duty roller bearings.

Framework and runners

6mm steel end support brackets, generally connected to the guide support angles in a “flagpost” arrangement

Support angles are used at either side, generally 75mm x 50mm or 100mm x 50mm in a 3mm or 5mm format. Standard angle sections are pre-galvanized.- Side guides are available at 75mm depth (for standard mid-sized roller shutters) or 100mm depth – Wind Anchor accommodating guides are available on request. Standard guide sections are pre-galvanized.

-Roller Barrel drive- standard is 08B1 ½” pitch simplex chain /platewheel / sprocket. Larger models can be equipped with straight cut steel gears.


Full information regarding our S.M.S. Safety Brake can be found here.

Curtain Options

-Standard finish Galvanized steel 76mm high curved interlocking laths. Other configurations available are 100mm and 50mm flat laths
-Plastisol colourcoat curtain finish to a standard colour
-22swg or 20swg curtain- dependent on the aspect/requirement
-Powder coat finish as required
-Perforated curtain with round or oval perforations-“Letterbox” punching in a straight or brickbond pattern

Drive systems

-Hand chain manual operation with endless haul chain with a hand chain locking box on the wall

-Single or Three Phase flange mount motor operation, with a choice of hook on emergency over ride hand chain, automatic hand chain or high level hand crank. The motor is always interlocked with the S.M.S. Safety Brake to stop the door if a counter balance spring problem occurs.


Push Buttons, Pull Chord, Radio remote control, GSM controller via the Mobile Phone networks, Radar detectors, Floor induction loops, photocell, keyswitch


Roller Shutters can be produced with a variety of pressed steel facias and canopies to your requirements

General Notes

Industrial and Commercial Doors are not manufactured in standard sizes and specifications vary widely, depending on size and expected use. Please contact us with your requirements and we can advise on the product best suited to your needs.

What our customers say

We have had Safetybrakes added to all new doors. They are a sensible addition for extra safety and would recommend them for all overhead doors.

– Holt Myers. Director of G H Myers Ltd.

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