Sectional Overhead Doors

  • Vandyke Brown Plastisol Coated Sectional Door
  • Sectional Overhead Door on a new Agricultural Barn
  • Sectional Overhead Door Internal View Pitched Tracks
  • Alpha Deuren sectional
  • New Sectional Door on Old Building - still in the wrapper

A wide range

We supply and install Sectional Overhead Doors from the Alpha Deuren range – exciting contemporary styles and designs coupled with a reliable build quality.

Specification and Pricing

A factory based quotation platform allows us to provide you with prices and a full specification, complete with drawings for your requested door product within minutes.

ISO 40
The ISO 40 range is our most popular, with modern micrograin panel facings in a large variety of standard RAL colours, or a factory paint finish to virtually any other colour. This product is suitable for all industrial, commercial or agricultural applications.

ALU 40
The ALU40 range is an aluminium framed panoramic door, suitable for all situations where natural light or vision through the door is important. These doors work in the same way as the ISO 40, in fact you can choose any combination of solid ISO 40 panels to integrate with your panoramic door.

This range of panoramic doors offers vision panels with no vertical intermediate mullions, leaving a full width vision area across the door opening.

Further Information on all of the above products.

Features / benefits

  • Colour –plastisol colour coat or paint finish (Our general supplier, Alpha Deuren, provides RAL colours but but can match almost any colour)
  • Track trajectory
  • Vision panels - individual double glazed windows or fully glazed panoramic panels
  • Operation – manual push up, hand chain or motor operation
  • Automatic – timed return with safety edge and safety photocells
  • Aluminium or Standard Steel panels

What our customers say

We have had Safetybrakes added to all new doors. They are a sensible addition for extra safety and would recommend them for all overhead doors.

– Holt Myers. Director of G H Myers Ltd.

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