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We offer a comprehensive maintenance and repair service to ensure your peace of mind

Safetybrake Ltd provides a number of support services to enable you to keep your doors in good safe working order, upgrade and overhaul when necessary and also provide peace of mind should unforeseen events occur.

Periodic Planned Maintenance

Industrial, Commercial, Security and Domestic doors all require Service and Maintenance to ensure safe and prolonged service, just like any other mechanical product. Legislation exists for Public Buildings and in the Workplace requiring doors and shutters in these environments to be regularly inspected and serviced by suitably trained persons. We are able to take on this responsibility for you and tender reports detailing our work.

Emergency and Planned Repairs

All doors can break down or sustain impact and storm damage. When this happens you can rely on us Around the Clock 7, days a week to respond to your Call Out. Often we can repair your door on the spot, or alternatively we can safely close and secure your door to maintain security whilst parts are sourced.

Overhauls and upgrades

Doors and Shutters can be overhauled to give them a new lease of life, together with upgrades to the operating, security or safety systems. One example of this would be to change a worn Counter Balanced Sprung Roller Barrel on a manual Roller Shutter to a new system incorporating an S.M.S. Safetybrake, giving your door extended service life and bringing the Roller Shutter up to current regulations. The costs of all overhauls and upgrades should be viewed against the cost of a complete replacement door, in order to secure the best long-term route.


Our wealth of experience gives us a “sixth sense” when surveying troublesome doors. By examining your existing door in operation we are able to offer explanations as to the likely cause of continual breakdowns, malfunctions and poor running. It is unfortunate that we find that problems relating to a lot of ailing doors products are due to being poorly installed at the outset, so no amount of servicing will improve matters unless fundamental changes are made. Armed with this knowledge, you are able to make informed decisions regarding repair or replacement of your door.

Health and Safety Survey and Reporting

We are able to match existing door products against current Product Standards and Legislation to determine if your products, plus the way in which they are used, are suitable for their environment. We can give you an honest overview of the condition of your products and make you aware of any alterations which can be performed to reduce risks associated with door use.

What our customers say

We have had Safetybrakes added to all new doors. They are a sensible addition for extra safety and would recommend them for all overhead doors.

– Holt Myers. Director of G H Myers Ltd.

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