The Safetybrake System

  • Roller Barrel complete with S.M.S. Safetybrake, electrical interlock and 3 phase motor, primed, packed and ready to install
  • S.M.S. safetybrakes are an integral part of the door, not an add-on component.

Spring Monitoring Safety Brake Systems for Roller Shutter Doors

This exciting safety product forms the bedrock of our company. Our Roller Shutter and Grille products are unique due to Spring monitoring and Anti-Drop technology we are able to build in to our Specification.

Introduction to Safetybrake

Traditional Roller Shutters and Roller Grilles are counterbalanced by internal springs, which serve to counteract the weight of the door at all times. This spring steel, like any other spring, is prone to failing or becoming too week to counteract the weight of the door properly. The springs are hidden from view inside the roller barrel round which the Roller Grille or Shutter coils, so cannot be inspected at any time. Even if they were visible, it is virtually impossible to determine if a spring will fail at any point, by any kind of testing or inspection. We therefore contrived the S.M.S. Safetybrake systems to work hand-in-hand with the internal Spring mechanism, so the door user will have real time knowledge of the condition of this vital mechanism plus provide a Safety Backup if a failure occurs.

Salient Benefits

  • Safetybrake continuously monitors the presence of counter- balance spring.
  • Safetybrake monitors the counter balance spring power every full cycle of the door.
  • Safetybrake allows a grille or shutter to be closed in a safe controlled manner after a catastrophic spring failure.
  • Safetybrake alerts the user when the counter-balance spring requires recharging due to natural relaxation of the spring.
  • Safetybrake allows the grille or shutter to be operated in a limited fashion until an engineer can attend to recharge the spring.
  • The monitoring feature ensures that a grille or shutter balance can never be allowed to de-generate to the point where it descends at high speed. This is a condition that affects all shutters at some point during the useful life of the product.
  • Safetybrake senses additional problems such as seized bearings or spring deformation/jamming
  • The operation of the brake can be tested periodically by a suitably trained engineer.
  • Sensitivity can be adjusted to suit the level of ‘scrutiny’ required.

Best of all – S.M.S. Safetybrake does not require the grille or shutter to actually fall to operate, something which is required to make Electric Motor or Rotary brakes operate! S.M.S. safetybrakes are an integral part of the door, not an add-on component.

A demonstration model in action- the Safety Device will operated as soon as a spring failure occurs- we have allowed the shutter in this video to run for a second, to demonstrate the braking ability of this device.

What our customers say

We have had Safetybrakes added to all new doors. They are a sensible addition for extra safety and would recommend them for all overhead doors.

– Holt Myers. Director of G H Myers Ltd.

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